So what mechanisms are in place to give you maximum access to HRECTrack,
and what protection for the safe keeping of your sensitive data and documents?

For peace of mind, HRECTrack is offered as a hosted solution.
  Entity Data. HRECTrack is hosted by Entity Data, located in Brisbane, Australia. We chose them because they offer excellent hosting services and support, using the highest quality server equipment, in Australia.

The system sits behind their firewall, and with backups, affords 99.999% uptime.
  Not only are there full server backups on a regular basis,
we also carry out morning and evening database backups,
as well as performing continuous file backups.

This means that your data is safe, and your uploaded documents
are backed up within minutes of you sending them.

We've chosen CrashPlan for the continuous backups,
as all your data is secured and stored using 448 bit BlowFish encryption,
in Australia so there's no data jurisdiction issues.
Entity Data.  

Everytime you connect to HRECTrack, you'll also notice the address bar (URL text area) goes green.

That's because we're protecting all communication with an eCommerce grade digital certificate,
just like your internet banking site.

You can get more details about our certificate protection from the following link

Also, we store all password data in non-reversible formats in the database for complete security.